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External Waterfall & pond pumps

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PerformancePro Pumps

PerformancePro Pumps is a company born of the idea that not all water moving needs are created equal. Specializing in the manufacturing of non-metallic centrifugal pumps that boast excellent energy efficiency, outstanding reliability and superior corrosion resistance. Featuring a wide variety of pumps for a broad range of applications. Every complete pump and motor unit is carefully assembled at their facility in Oregon and is fully benched tested to ensure quality workmanship and reliable operation.

Sequence Pumps

The Classic! The model 1000 series has set the stand by which all others are measured. This series is a perfect blend of medium pressure and ample flow for the majority of ponds. Motor is totally enclosed, fan-cooled for durability. 115V or 230V Supplied with an 8-foot, 115V cordset. All have 1-1/2" inlet and outlet

MDM External Pumps

The ValuFlo 1000 series has set the standard by which all others are measured. Perfect blend of medium pressure and ample flow for the majority of ponds. Motor is totally-enclosed, fan-cooled for durability. 

Little Giant external pumps

These end-suction centrifugal pumps are designed for placement at the perimeter of the pond, eliminating the need for wading into the pond to service the pump.  The pump housing is injection molded, corrosion resistant, thermoplastic and is mounted to custom built motor. 

Advantage Manufacturing Pumps

Since 1992, Advantage Manufacturing, Inc. has been providing the pool, spa, and pond/water feature industry with high quality product alternatives to expensive name brands. The company is based out of Tustin, California and is a manufacturer of pool and spa filtration equipment and related products. Advantage Manufacturing, Inc. invests their time, energy, and resources in developing the latest technology rather than pricey marketing campaigns.