Pond Air Pump 40 LPM

Koi Pond Air Pumps are a vital piece of equipment to help insure the health of your koi pond. We have a quality selection of Pond Air Pumps.


Pond Air Pumps

Pond air pumps are the heart of your pond's health, circulating and oxygenating the pond water, and driving the filtration systems. Make sure you get the right air pump for your pond! We have an excellent collection of Air Pumps.  

Pond air pump 40LPM
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Pond Air Pump 40 LPM

This 40 Liter per Minute Diaphragm Air Pump utilizes an alternating motor which makes the piston move reciprocally and produce air flow that is large in output and high in pressure. Good aeration is essential for good water conditions and consequently healthy fish. Good aeration stops your pond water stagnating; prevents fish dying from lack of oxygen; helps sick fish recover and improves waste breakdown as well as filtration.

This air pump also comes with a hose to connect the included plastic non-adjustable 6 outlet manifold to the air pump.

12 month warranty

HT-400 air pump video

Part # Description LPM Outlet Cord Length Dimensions Voltage Watts Listing
HT-400 Pond Air Pump 40 5/8" 5' 9.8 x 6.6 x 7 120/60Hz 30 CE

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