Delta Electra-Pro UV Sterilizer EP5

A Pond UV Light is a great way to achieve crystal clarity in from pond water. It does not take the place of a biological or mechanical filter, but it kills tiny algae that these filters cannot remove.


Delta Electra-Pro UV Sterilizer EP5

Our most reliable UV system available, for ponds and water features up to 5,000 gallons.

The Delta EP-5 Ultraviolet Sterilizer is perfect for any pond or water feature in the 2000 to 5000 gallon range. There is a wide range in the acceptable flow rate for this sterilizer making is easily adaptable to most pump models used in the 5000 gallon pond class.

Ultraviolet sterilization is a proven, dependable and effective method for controlling and eradicating suspended algae spores, and bacteria in pond water. Ultraviolet light alters or disrupts the DNA and RNA of target organisms, and wipes them out.

Select the Delta - EP Series UV sanitizer sanitizer that is the perfect fit for your pond, water feature or culture, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your EP Series UV unit is automatically sanitizing the water all the time. For mere pennies a day, the EP Series UV Stainless Steel sanitizer delivers the highest water quality without any effort on your part. Guaranteed to kill algae that causes your pond to turn green.

EP Series (Elektra Pro) from Delta UV is our best UV system available for your koi pond, or water feature.

  • 6" Stainless Steel Housing
  • Designed for ponds up to 5,000 gallons
  • All weather 8' cord
  • Electronic Ballast
  • Built in Pressure Gauge
  • 2" In and Out PVC Unions
  • Limited Warranty - Unit and Ballast -5Years, Bulb-1Year (9000 Hours)

Delta electra Pro UV

Delta Electra-Pro UV Sterilizer EP5

EP5 Delta Elektra EP5 UV Sterilizer pdf $799.95Free shipping



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