Delta Electra-Pro UV Sterilizers

A Pond UV Light is a great way to achieve crystal clarity in from pond water. It does not take the place of a biological or mechanical filter, but it kills tiny algae that these filters cannot remove.


Delta Electra-Pro UV Sterilizers

There are many ultraviolet sterilizers available on the market today. However, there are only 2 or 3 that stand out above the rest. And of those we have been distributing the very dependable Delta EP Series sterilizers since 1998. The Electra Pro UV employs a full 6" stainless steel disinfecting chamber and will accommodate the increased flow rates of today's high volume filtration systems, and utilizes high intensity lamps. This power increase along with the increased exposure time of the large diameter bodys means that a single lamp will treat a pond of 5,000 to 40,000 gallons, rather than using up to 6 lamps in a competitive model once per year, at not so cheap of an annual bulb maintenance price tag. The Delta lamp will perform for 13,000 hours at excellent efficiency. That is just over a year, with only one lamp to replace when the bulb expires. Although some of the larger lamps are not at first glance cheap. They are phenomenally cheaper than having to replace as many as 6 lamps of a competitive models.

Delta UV Sterilizers

This table includes all 4 Electra-Pro Models for Model Service Comparison

Manuf. Sugg. GPH
Acceptable Flow Rate GPH
Performance in microwatt seconds exposure at flow rates
Pressure max.
UV Lamp Power
Diameter of Reactor
Total Hight
Inlet/Outlet Diameter PVC union
EP5 1600 3200 90,000mws @ 1600 Gph or 45,000mws @ 3200 Gph 40 psi 1 x 30W 6" 17.5" 2"
EP10 3200 5000 90,000mws @ 3200 Gph or 45,000mws @ 6400 Gph 40 psi 1 x 58W 6" 24.5" 2"
EP20 4200 6200 90,000mws @ 3200 Gph or 45,000mws @ 6400 Gph 40 psi 1 x 80W 6" 38.6" 2"
EP40 4800 6800 90,000mws @ 3200 Gph or 45,000mws @ 6400 Gph 40 psi 1 x 90W 6" 45.8" 2"



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