Pondsweep EC2436 Biofall Filter Endless

BIOFALLS are biological filters which use bacteria to break down pond waste, converting it into harmless particles that serve as aquatic plant fertilizers. Well designed biofalls filters improve water quality and control algae growth.


Aquascape Pondsweep EC2436 Biofall Filter Endless Cascades


Aquascape Pondsweep EC2436
Price: $449.95
Aquascape Pondsweep EC2436

Aquascape Pondsweep Bio Filter Endless Cascades

Create any width or amountof spillwasys depending on the project · Filter includes a variety of liner attachment strips and hardware · Spllway cutting line and plumbing hole options are clearly marked out on Endless Cascades™ vault for easy reference · Construction- Injection molded, regid structional foam · Maximum spill capacity for EC1218 is 75.5 inches · Maximum spill capacity for EC2436 is 135.5 inches · Recommended flow rate for EC1218 is 500-6000 GPH · Recommended flow rate for EC 2436 is 2000-15000 GPH · Filter mats, rack, liner attachment hardware, bulkhead, and media bag included.

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