Aquascape Tsurumi 4PN Pump

Our line of submersible pond pumps and external ponds pumps are for use in all types of ponds including fish ponds, koi ponds, other small ponds and even larger commercial ponds.


Aquascape Tsurumi 4PN Pump

Aquascape Tsurumi 4PN Pump
Item # 29494
Price: $579.99
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Aquascape Tsurumi 8PN Pump

Aquascape Tsurumi 4PN Pump

2" Discharge, 655 watts, Max. head height 44 ft., 4740 GPH at 5 ft. of head, 20 ft. cord length.

Tsurumi Submersible Pumps for Professional Water Feature Applications are energy efficient pumps designed for continuous duty applications, known for their reliable operation. Tsurumi's PN series pumps have had a successful presence in the water feature market for close to a decade. The PN series provides a good match for ponds with higher heads or require a verticle style pump housing.


Pump Performance
- GPH: 4740
- Watts: 655
- Discharge: 2" Female
- Operating Cost/Month: $47.34
- Max Head: 44'

Includes: 20' cord
Warranty: 2 yrs.

Weight: 23.8 lbs.

Tsurumi PN Pump Instructions

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