Jebao Pond Pump EGP-5000

Our line of submersible pond pumps and external ponds pumps are for use in all types of ponds including fish ponds, koi ponds, other small ponds and even larger commercial ponds.


Jebao Pond Pump EGP-5000 5000gph

Land Amphibious Pump !


Pond Pump EGP-5000 5000gph
Price: $269.95
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Water Pump EGP-5000 5000gph Jebao

Pond Pump EGP-5000 5000gph
Land Amphibious Pump !

The EGP-5000 is a high quality permanent operating pump that can be universally used as a pond pump, fountain pump or watercourse pump. This pump also pumps coarse dirt particles (up to 6 mm) without difficulty. An asynchronous-canned motor ensures a constant high pressure and very high flow rate with low energy consumption. The max flow rate of this powerful and energy efficiency magnetic drive pumps is 5000 gallon per hour @ 1FT. This versatile pumps can be used submerged or inline(external pump), positioned horizontally or vertically. Uses only a fraction of the energy of comparable models.


High pump head and larger flow
High performance.sturdy asynchronous motor
Can pump dirt particles of size up to 6mm
Adopt wear proof ceramic shaft which can be used
in longer time
Land amphibious pump
Used as submersible pump or non-submersible pump.

Part # Description GPH Outlet Cord Length Dimensions Voltage Watts Listing
EGP-5000 Water pump 5000 2-3/4"-2-1/4" 32' 9.95” x 5.75” x6.75” 120/60Hz 450w UL CE

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