Jebao Pond Pump JGP-30000 7925gph

Our line of submersible pond pumps and external ponds pumps are for use in all types of ponds including fish ponds, koi ponds, other small ponds and even larger commercial ponds.


Jebao PondPump JGP-30000 7925gph


Pond Pump JGP-30000 7925gph
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Water Pump JGP-30000 7925gph Jebao

Pond Pump JGP-30000 7925gph

These high quality constant use submersible pond pumps are designed for pumping water to either your filtration system or if required a water feature located in or beside your pond.


Powerful pump . Energy saving split tube motor. Vortex impeller. Overload protection by means of thermal overload trip. Large pre-filter, easy to disassemble without tools. Reduced frequency of pump cleaning due to optimum water flow. Ideal for polluted water with solids up to 1\4" dia. Great for medium to large pond, waterfalls, or water feature. Wear-resistant ceramic bearings for continuous and trouble-free use. Can run submersible or inline. The pump is designed to sit vertically or horizontally in your skimmer. All electrical parts are imbedded in a block of plastic resin. UL listed. Ideal for ponds and water falls. Note: when using pump inline unit must be placed below water level to prime.

Part # Description GPH Outlet Cord Length Dimensions Voltage Watts Listing
JGP-30000 Water pump 7925 1-3/4" 33' 9.7” x 6” x7.6” 120/60Hz 520w UL CE




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