Jebao 36 Watt UV sterilizer

A Pond UV Light is a great way to achieve crystal clarity in from pond water. It does not take the place of a biological or mechanical filter, but it kills tiny algae that these filters cannot remove.


Jebao 36 Watt UV sterilizer


UV Sterilizer 36 Watt
Price: $99.95
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UV Sterilizer 36 Watt Jebao

36 Watt UV sterilizer

The Allpondpumps UV Light Steriliser has a unique design which feeds the water through a special helix, meaning the water does not just run through the UV but spins inside, allowing the UV more exposure before the water exits the outlet.
This form of sterilising enables increased efficiency from a more-even exposure of the water to the UV. This improved UV system, the Ultra Violet Clarifier, continues to be a key element of a well filtered clear water system.

This model comes with an advanced thermal protection feature, which automatically shuts the unit down if in danger of overheating. Once the unit has cooled down to normal temperature it will restart and continue to operate. To avoid overheating we advise that the the unit is located in a sensible cool area rather than in direct sunlight or a hot / humid isolated area.


Power: 36W
Suitable for Aquarium Pond up to 9000 Gallon
Max Water Flow 3200gph
Through Flow Sterilisation at 1200gph
Length of UV Case 20"
UV Bulb Included (1 x 36w)
Max Pressure(bar) 0.3 90 %
Power Cable 16' Length
Inlet & Outlet Adapter 0.75", 1", 1.25", 1.5"
Voltage: 120/60Hz
12 Month Limited Warranty

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