External Aquarium Filter 915

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External Aquarium filter 915

Aquarium filters are key to maintaining a healthy balance in your aquarium environment. We carry aquarium filters for all applications: external, submersible, gravity feed, and waterfall filters.

External Aquarium filter
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External Aquariun Filter 915

The Jebao External Canister aquarium Filter provides complete, multi-stage filtration for aquariums up to 400 Liters (100 U.S. gallons). Aquarium filters, The modular design allows for quick and easy maintenance while flexible filter media chambers permit maximum versatility for basic to custom filter media configurations. Jebao 915 external canister aquarium filter offer quick, trouble-free maintenance features. These include instant priming, lift-lock clamps that provide easy access to the unit and an Aqua-Stop feature that stops the water flow without the need to disconnect hoses. Backed by a 1-year guarantee.

- 110 V, 60 Hz
- CE Approved- Filter media included:
- 1 x Foam- Quality Fittings (Taps, hoses & spray bar inc.)




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