Aquascape 12V Underwater Koi Camera

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Aquascape Pond Fish 12V Underwater Koi Camera

Aquascape Pond Fish 12V Underwater Koi Camera
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Aquascape 12V Underwater Koi Camera

Aquascape Pond Fish 12V Underwater Koi Camera

The underwater video Koi Cam allows pond owners to easily and quickly view the underwater world found in their pond or water garden from the comfort of a living room chair. Have you ever wondered what goes on in your pond during the day when at work or traveling? Are predators a problem? The underwater Koi cam can be easily hooked up to a VCR or digital capture device to check on your pond or diagnose problems day or night, also ideal for winter use to check on fish under the ice. • Easy to set up • Small, compact design makes it easy to hide • Contains Sony super HED optics for a clean, clear, color picture • Dimmable LED lighting system for nighttime use • Made from quality stainless steel



Resolution: 520 TVL
Effective Pixels: NTSC:786(H)X 492(V)
Lighting: Eight pieces white LED 3 mm / Dimmable
Visible Distance: 5m/ 15 feet
Power Supply: DC 12 V +/ -10%
Power Cord Length: 10m/ 30 feet
Input: Female RCA with male RCA adapter
Power Supply: DC 12 V 1000 mA for inside use only
Operating Temperature: -10 C - 50 C



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