Jebao CF-10 Pressure Filter

Pond filters are an essential piece of any healthy pond, and the pressurized pond filters are some of the best. Check out the models shown below, and choose which pond filter best meets your needs today!


Jebao CF-10 Pressure Filter With UV-7 Watt


Pond Filter CF-10
Price: $99.95
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CF-10 Pond Filter

The Jebao CF-10 pressure filter is a compact all-in-one pond filtration system with the fastest and most convenient cleaning mechanism on the market. Designed for ponds up to 1,000 gallons, it can easily be hidden from view by burying it up to its lid in the ground with all functionality and maintenance options remaining accessible.

Pressure filters are ideal for small to medium sized ponds. They are generally fed water by the use of a submersible pump that is positioned directly in the pond or pond skimmer. The pressure filter is a sealed unit and therefore allows for installation flexibility. 7-Watt UV helps control and kill algae.

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