Replacement 11w UV Bulb Now provides you with pond replacement parts for all of the top brands


Replacement 11w UV Bulb

11W UV Bulb
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Allpondpumps 11w uv lamp

11w UV Bulb

Allpondpumps UV Hot Cathode Germicidal UV Bulbs (UV-C), are low-pressure mercury arc lamps that are the most effective tool for eliminating microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, mold and yeast in the air and impurities in water. Allpondpumps UV lamps are warranted for up to 8,000 hours of normal usage.

This bulb is a direct replacement for the following:

For the Allpondpumps Pressure Filter PF-30,
Allponpumps UV Clarifier 11W,
And many other pond filters on the market that use the UV Lamp 11 Watt.

Dimensions: 9.5"L
Power: 11Watts




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