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Jebao UBF-12000 Gravity Filter

Jebao Gravity Filter

The Jebao UBF-12000 Gravity filter is a compact all-in-one pond filtration system with the fastest and most convenient cleaning mechanism on the market.

Part Number: UBF-12000
Price: $219.99

Gravity Pond Filter UBF-12000

Jebao UBF-12000 Biological Pond Filters are gravity-flow pond filters that effectively clean the pond with lower pump flow requirements.

Water is aerated when first pumped into the UBF-12000 Biological Pond Filter. The filter material traps dirt and suspended particles in the pond water and houses beneficial bacteria colonies that break down and remove ammonia and nitrites. An optional ultraviolet clarifier aids in flocculating suspended algae particles so that the filter can remove them from the pond.
  • Specifications

    Max pond volume : 3500g
    UV Lamp (Watts) : 18 watts
    Supply voltage : 110-120V 60Hz
    Dimensions : 22"x 11"x 17"
    Inlet pipe size : 3/4", 1", 11/4"
    Outlet pipe size : 2.5"