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Matala Pumps & Accessories

Constructed with stainless steel and engineered plastics, Matala submersible pumps are solids handling, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Used for residential and light commercial wastewater removal, water transfer, and circulation applications.

Matala Geyserflow Pumps

The continuous duty operating Matala Geyser-Flow water pump is designed to irrigate or discharge water from farmland or ponds, for use at relay pumping stations or manhole to relay raw water, for livestock production facilities, to discharge sewage or rainwater. For use with waterfalls, fountains, and garden spraying, sump pits, and washed water handling.

Matala Versiflow Pumps

Matala VersiFlow pump can be used horizontally or upright and has been designed for use in skimmers. It is such a versatile pump that it can be used to sprinkle or discharge rain water from farmland, to relay pump stations or manhole to relay raw water. It is also perfect for waterfall, fountain, pond and garden spraying, and even sump pits or waste water handling. These are a great choice to replace Aquascape pond pumps especially if you have an Aquascape Designs Signature Series Pond Skimmer.

Matala Niagara Top-Flow Pumps

The Niagara Top-Flow pump is a unique and special pump. It is a self cooling pump. This cutting edge design pulls water from the bottom of the pump and flows over the entire motor before exiting the pump. This circumferential flow keeps the pump cool and prevents overheating even in low water level situations. Minimum water level 2 inches!! The Niagara Top-Flow pump is a perfect choice for skimmer boxes with a potential for low water levels. The integrated stainless steel housing and strainer have superior abrasion resistance and will not wear out like aluminum motor housings.

Matala Geyser Max-Flow Pumps

The GeyserMax Flow submersible pump is the newest addition to the Matala submersible pump line. It features the following design highlights:

- Composite Resin Intake Base. Featuring full circumference suction ports. Allows for 3/8" solids to pass.

- Impeller is designed for higher flow rates and lower electrical cost compared to standard Geyser Flow.